Procedures for FDA Grant Applications

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Viticulture Research Grant Program Procedures for Grant Applications


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About the Program

Recommendations for a Competitive Proposal

Multi-Year Proposals

Julie Kay Charles, Program Manager
(850) 617-7368

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Division of Marketing and Development
Mayo Building, M9
407 S. Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399

The Viticulture Advisory Council (VAC) funds research into viticulture-grape growing, marketing, processing, and dissemination of research results to grape growers in Florida. Projects should involve grape growers in both design and execution and take place on working vineyards whenever possible or appropriate.



Maximum Funding Request: $50,000

Disbursement of Funds: Grantee will be reimbursed after the VAC has accepted the final report, and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has received the invoice and approved project costs documentation by the aforementioned deadlines.

Eligible Expenses
– Research related costs
– Direct project costs (materials, supplies, etc.)
– Equipment rental specific to project
– Mileage for field travel (up to $0.32/mile)
– Up to 10% in institutional overhead or indirect costs

Ineligible Expenses
– Salaries
– Permanent equipment
– General equipment (tractors, vehicles, mechanical harvesters)
– Travel to professional meetings
– Farming labor
– Land purchases
– Construction costs


    Important Dates:

    March 15, 2024 – Research proposals due
    May 14, 2024 – Approved projects selected
    September 16, 2024 – Anticipated cycle start date (contingent upon contract execution)
    June 1, 2025 – Final progress report due
    June 1, 2025 – Invoice and documentation of project costs due

    Number of Allowed Proposals:
    • Each individual researcher is limited to 2 proposals with an allowance for an additional proposal if submitted in conjunction with another researchers.
    • Each institution is limited to 12 proposals with an allowance for an additional 2 proposals if they are submitted in conjunction with another institution.

    Steps to Submit Proposal:

      1. Request Login to create an account on the FDACS Industry Assistance Portal (approval may take up to two business days).

      2. After reviewing proposal requirements, click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page to start online application. Progress will be automatically saved.

      3. On the final page, before submitting proposal, please attach a document with contact information for the lead researcher(s) and contract administrator(s).
      Applicants can also upload cover page or other documents if required by institution.

      4. Email to notify Program Manager when online submission is complete.

      Note: Any proposal that is received past the deadline for submission or is incomplete in any way may not be considered for review. Any documentation (e.g. report, invoice etc.) that is received after the deadline may not be accepted or reimbursed.

      Proposal Requirements:

      Research Project Proposals must include all the items below to be considered for funding. To enhance the competitiveness of your proposal, please refer to the recommendations article linked above.

      PART I

      1. Proposal Summary – Up to two paragraphs summarizing proposed research.

      2. Names, addresses, and qualifications for all researchers and collaborators. – Please also identify a Lead Researcher and provide email address and phone
      number for inquiries regarding proposal, reports, etc.

      3. Research Question – What is the question your research aims to answer? Include the significance of the proposed research and relevant background information.

      4. Project Objectives – Provide a list of project objectives and how they will be measured to determine if project is successful.

      5. Literature Review – Synthesize existing literature on related research, describe how project contributes to existing literature and fills a knowledge gap. Include information gathered from consulting other researchers and/or grape growers.

      6. Research Methodology – Describe methodological approach, data collection methods, treatments, variables and measurements, validity and reliability, and methods of analysis as applicable.

      7. Industry Input – Describe the involvement of grape growers or other industry stakeholders in identifying the research topic as well as the project’s design and execution.

      PART II

      8. Name, phone number and email address for Project Administrator – The assigned contact person for inquiries regarding contracts, invoices, etc.

      9. Funding Request- Provide total funding request, individual line items and justification for each. All individual line items listed must equal total amount requested; approved proposals with missing line items will require additional review, which may delay research timeline. Include additional funding sources supporting the project if applicable.

      10. Project Timeline – Provide a detailed timeline of project milestones. The scope of work should not exceed eight months. Please note, funded research cannot start until contracts are signed by both parties. If submitting a proposal for a multi-year project, please refer to the linked article above.

      11. Dissemination Plan – How will you communicate research results to grape growers or affected population? Plan must include format (e.g. publication, video, field day, etc.) and distribution method.